Weekend Cravings

Anna Confetti.JPG

It’s the weekend, everybody!

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m currently suffering from PCD — post-concert depression (it’s a real thing, I promise) — after last night’s #KHALIDxSMU concert. You know I’ll be listening to his music on repeat pretty much all weekend.

This week has been crazy busy for all of us. Even though finals are right around the corner, I will be treating myself this weekend.

Before you all set off for summer vacation and leave Dallas behind for a bit, I suggest you pay one last visit to your favorite restaurants and places in Dallas.

I will be visiting Little Katana, Penne Pomodoro, Origin Kitchen + Bar, Le Bilboquet, Bird Bakery, R+D Kitchen, Juice Bar, Lounge 31, Jalisco Norte, and Eatzi’s.

Well, maybe not all of those places *tear*.

Let’s be real, if you’re looking for me, I’ll most likely be at Royal Blue “studying” with a massive cheese and charcuterie board.

If I find time, I might watch the Avengers movie for the third time…

In only 11 days, I will have to say goodbye to the dorms forever. I could not be more excited.

Good luck this week! Study hard, but also find the time to say goodbye to your friends and your city. HAGS!



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