It's a Plant Party

Let’s be honest. Not all of us have the greenest of thumbs.


But we have to admit that a little succulent here and there can really spruce up a room.

Jade & Clover is the perfect spot to try your hand at plant parenting. The trendy lifestyle shop is located on Main Street in Deep Ellum and is known for its Instagram-worthy succulent wall.

Whether you’re stopping by for the photo (doing it for the ‘gram), looking for a gift, plant, or just want to treat yo’self, this is the spot for you.

Need somewhere to host a birthday celebration, corporate gathering, or a fun outing with friends?


Head over to Jade & Clover’s Plant Bar. You can choose your own succulent or cacti, place them in a pot or terrarium of your choosing, and complete your creation with various colored sands and decorations.  

I mean, look at this little cactus with a sombrero. Heart. Melting.


Jade & Clover wants to build relationships with its customers and provide them with a valuable experience, whether they’re building their own terrarium or just stopping in to browse or buy a gift. And they’ve done a great job at it.  

So, wanna check it out?

One step through the door and you understand the store's motto: "good vibes only."

I think we all need an extra dose of good vibes every so often.


Where is Jade & Clover?

2633 Main Street #150

Dallas, TX 75226

Want to know more?

Call: (469) 730-2264


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