Our Guide to Eatzi's

There comes a time in everyone’s SMU career when we make the trip to Eatzi’s. As you approach the doors your ears are flooded with the sounds of Italian opera music and for some reason your stomach INSTANTLY starts to growl.


Let’s face it. When you’re hungry in Eatzi’s (or hangry – it happens) you will do one of two things: go straight to your normal stop or fill yourself up on samples because you spent 30 minutes or more just wandering the store. Although the store is overwhelming, don’t let it stop you from exploring and discovering a great, new meal. Find a new way to Eatzi’s.

It’s inevitable, so take note:

For all you regulars:

Instead of going straight to the sandwich bar for turkey, pesto, roasted pepper, and swiss cheese goodness on bone bread, try switching it up. You know the big glass case you see right when you walk in? Yeah, that. Want a quesadilla? There’s some in there. Want some hummus? Yup, in there. What about twice baked potatoes? Duh… they’ve got em’. For you healthy folk, a KILLER mandarin orange chicken kale salad awaits.

For those of you who can’t bear to part from your sandwich:

HEAT IT UP. Take your masterfully made sandy over to the grill station and 10 minutes later you’re holding a warm, melty piece of heaven.

When you’re on the run:

You’re in luck because you have many, many options. First off, you have the 3 S’s… Sushi, Salad, Shrimp cocktail. All three of these come in nice plastic containers so you can easily grab-and-go. The sushi has its own exclusive, little corner on the side of the store because that’s just how they roll (shameless sushi pun). Nobody ever pays any attention to the salads over by the pre-made meals because salad bar > container salad let’s be real. Now, the shrimp cocktails were a surprise to me too but, low and behold, there they are right next to the tubs of Noosa yogurt, pre-wrapped sandwiches, and sliced fruit. Take your pick, there’s something in that case for you to take on the go.

Say Cheese

Go to the cheese section, I dare you. It’ll only be one of the best decisions of your LIFE. They have everything and anything you could imagine. So. Much. Cheese. Make yourself at home here because it’ll take you about 45 minutes to sift your way through all of the different options. Killer wine and cheese night? Hell yeah, lets do this.

When you’ve got a sweet tooth:

Two words: Cookie. Samples. Go on, stand there for 10 minutes trying all of the flavors (multiple times). No shame, no judgment, this is a safe place so enjoy your cookies. Hit up the bakery for cakes and cupcakes and DO NOT FORGET about the sweet, sweet mint chocolate chip Talenti gelato over by the drinks. Seriously don’t forget.

When you need some carbs in your life:

Why yes, there is a pasta bar and yes, you can customize your order. Drown your noodles in Romano’s red sauce… you know you want to. Spice it up with some chicken, add parmesan and you’ve got yourself a pretty dank bowl of pasta, my friend. Not enough for ya? If you want to go home after a long day with a warm baguette by your side, the bakery is there for you. Hard to resist, I know.

When you’re in the mood for some good ole comfort food:

Go back to the grill. They’ve got salmon, fried chicken, mac and cheese, broccoli… you name it, it’s there, hot, and ready to go. Feel free to indulge. After all, nothing quite compares to a forkful of Eatzi’s famous mac and cheese.

Did somebody say pizza?

I did. Mark your calendars because on FRIDAYS ONLY Eatzi’s serves up some of the best pizza in town. Mushroom, Chicken Alfredo, Multi Cheese, and more. You can call in and reserve one (or more) of these beauties or just buy one spur of the moment. No matter what, they’ll have a pizza waiting for you.

When you need a drink:

If you didn’t get a Styrofoam cup the size of your head at Eatzi’s, did you really go to Eatzi’s? It’s just something that you have to do. Mango peach tea and pomegranate lemonade? Count me in, I will be here daily, thank you very much.

With all your new Eatzi’s knowledge, go out and explore. I wish you the best of luck.